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Police next to two young women who got married instead of religion

While there is a lot of discussion and criticism about ‘Love Jihad’, two Muslim girls from Uttar Pradesh, India have got married. However, they got the police by their side. In addition to ensuring their protection, police said the “love jihad” had nothing to do with the two incidents.

According to Indian media, two young Muslim women have recently converted to Hinduism and got married in the Rithaura and Bahedi areas of Uttar Pradesh’s Berlin district. Rithaura’s brother has complained to the police that his sister fell in love with a Hindu boy in the mahalla on December 22 and fled with him. He also alleged that his sister stole money from the house.

However, the police claimed that his sister had shown the documents of her age to the police in the video call. He converted to Hinduism as an adult and voluntarily went to the temple and got married. It has nothing to do with ‘love jihad’. Police later called the girl’s guardian and husband. Both sides told police they had no further charges against each other.

Meanwhile, the same thing happened with boats in the Bahedi area. Her family alleges that two men forcibly converted her and married a boy of a different religion. His father also alleged that he had taken Rs 5 lakh and gold ornaments from the house.

When the new couple was called, they went to the police with the papers. They told police they were leaving the district in fear for their lives. However, the police said, if they want, they will be provided security.

The Uttar Pradesh government recently introduced the Illegal Conversion Ordinance-2020, saying that conversion cannot be done by force or just for the sake of marriage. This is ‘love jihad’.

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