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How To Order Payoneer International MasterCard For Free With 25 USD..?

Payoneer is a low cost and a quick solution to get paid by international customers. It is a platform where one can quickly receive payments and can access funds. It’s a company of financial services that provide services for transfer money online and also a transfer of digital payments. The Payoneer account holder can easily send and receive money into their bank accounts. Payoneer allows millions of people from more than 200 countries, to grow by seamless international payments. There are many useful features of Payoneer; that’s why is getting fame day by day among people. It provides fast, flexible, and low-cost solutions.

There are lots of benefits of Payoneer, which makes it unique apart from all other earning platforms. The importance of Payoneer is described by the benefits which are being provided by this platform. Points are mentioned below:

Why Payoneer Is Important?

  • No bank account needed.
  • Amazon’s affiliate money is received.
  • Fastest service to send and receive payments.
  • One can buy online stuff and make payments locally.
  • No extra or hidden fee.
  • Integrate Payoneer with other platforms like PayPal.
  • Send money to family members or friends easily and many more.

All these essential features set it apart from other platforms

What is Payoneer Mastercard?

The Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®  is a physical card just like a credit card or debit card. It’s a physical card that can be associated with any currency balance. And this physical card can be used worldwide, like in ATM, malls, stores, etc. just like other debit cards and credit cards. The annual fee of Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard fee is $29.95. $3.15 is per withdrawal fee. The card is re-loaded, and if someone wants to utilize a card, it must be loaded first.

How To Order The Payoneer Mastercard?

If someone has at least $30 earned from any workplace, then Payoneer Mastercard prepaid can easily be ordered from the official website And at last, a person must be 18 years old for the Payoneer Mastercard application process. To apply for the Payoneer Account, one has to follow steps. Because without a Payoneer account, it is not possible to order a Payoneer card. The steps are mentioned below:

  • First, you must have to log in to the account, which is online with Payoneer mass payout company.
  • And after that, you will be directed to the application page.
  • On the application page, one must have to fill out the page and submitted it.
  • If you don’t have any Payoneer mass payout company or you are receiving money through any other global payment service, then you can easily apply through the Payoneer website for an account.
  • Now you can order cards during the application process from the online account once the process of application is completed.
  • To order Payoneer Mastercard go to account setting first.
  • Then go to card management.
  • Then click order a card and follow the instruction provided you there.


All process is very easy all you need any laptop/mobile, an email account, government-issued ID card or passport.  And the most important thing that one must be above 18 years old, and then he/she is eligible to apply for the Payoneer Card.

What Are The Sources Of Payoneer Funding?

Payoneer only accepts funding from freelancing websites. Like:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer etc.

How Payoneer Works In Fiverr?

Fiverr is also a freelancing platform where buyers and sellers are connected. There are lots of categories in Fiverr for which buyers are looking for services. There is a step by step guide for Fiverr revenue card.

Steps are given below:

  • Go to
  • First, you must have to sign in.
  • And for signing in user has to give Gmail account.
  • After that, verify your email for further process.
  • After verification, go to the seller button and click that button.
  • Then a form will appear, fill out that form carefully.
  • A new page appears; on that page, create a gig.
  • When the gig is complete, publish it.
  • After publishing gig, simply go to the earning section. There select your payment method and click the Fiverr Revenue Card and check out the mail.
  • Open the mail where a link is given sent by Fiverr.
  • Then provide all the right information, fill the form, and order card.

Here, your order is placed, and the card will be delivered at a given location after 3 to 4 weeks.

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