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Fakhrul wants to know how much commission Beximco is getting by bringing vaccine

The BNP has commented that it is not clear how people will get the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine brought from the Serum Institute of India, who will get it and how to preserve and distribute it. The party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said officials in charge of the government had not officially commented on the matter. A specific action plan or roadmap should be made public.

Mirza Fakhrul said, “Why is the government itself paying for the vaccine through Beximco without paying the Serum Institute?” I also want to know how many commissions Beximco has here. ‘

Mirza Fakhrul said this at a press conference held at the BNP chairperson’s political office in Gulshan on Sunday afternoon. The press conference was organized to highlight the essence of the meeting of the National Standing Committee of the party’s highest policy-making forum held at the same venue on Saturday afternoon.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam said, “In most cases, we see that the government is dealing with the government or the government is dealing directly with that company.”

Mirza Fakhrul further said that the collection, storage, distribution, and delivery of vaccines is a technical matter. It needs to be made clear to the people and the government’s roadmap needs to be published. How they want to do it and the people need to be reassured কখন when the vaccine is reaching them.

Mentioning that he came to know about it through newspapers, the BNP secretary-general said, “The government will give Tk 600 crore to the Serum Institute through Beximco soon.” Then they will vaccinate 30 million doses in six months. It is seen that 5 million doses of vaccine will come every month. It is extremely inadequate. I don’t know who will get it, when. ‘

The top BNP leader said, “We have heard that the work of making lists for high-level people has started. I have received the news that the names of those who are members of Gulshan Club, Dhaka Club, Uttara Club, and other clubs are being listed. I can hear more, the list is being made for the high-ranking government, the list of ministers is being made. But I am not getting any specific statement from the government on how and when the general public will get this vaccine. ‘

Mentioning that the coronavirus vaccine is most needed by the common man, Mirza Fakhrul said that the health minister said yesterday that the cost of vaccination would be Rs 426. Will the government pay this price, or will the people have to pay? But that is not clear. He demanded that a roadmap of vaccination collection, distribution, price, how many people should be given, to whom it is being given, be made public.

Asked why the government did not buy the vaccine directly through Beximco, Mirza Fakhrul said, “We also want to know how many commissions Beximco has here.” The government is giving money to the Serum Institute through Beximco. Why is the government not giving it directly? People have a right to know about these things. We want to know that. ”

Program announcement
Mirza Fakhrul announced the program at a press conference in protest of the price hike. He said the human chain would be set up at police stations across the country on January 26 to demand a reduction in the prices of essential commodities.

Besides, human chains will be held in municipalities and metropolises across the country on January 10 to demand the resignation of the Election Commission.

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